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Delivering only the best in medical visualization, we offer comprehensive solutions for every surgical and radiology department.

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Born out of service, we strive to lead the industry.  Our extensive clinical knowledge helps us deliver what some would call exceptional.

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Knowledge is power.  Investing in experience has helped us design and implement some of the most intricate digital operating room solutions locally.

We are a medical visualization company

Digital visualization has become the norm in surgery and radiology. Having been a part of the growth process we understand the complications in moving from analog to digital.

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Offering a complete service

Barco Healthcare and ICAN

Establishing the way forward in Africa

Focused on transforming the delivery of care, Barco connects healthcare professionals at every patient touch point, from the imaging room, to radiology, through specialist consultations and in the surgical suite. We offer a network of medical imaging solutions that deliver the complete picture to support more informed decisions, when and where it matters most.